Here is what people are saying ...

"Thank you again for another great event.  Two more of my players committed yesterday after your event.  The best event in the Northeast and the only one I attend in NJ lol.  Thank you ladies."
"I wanted to share that this camp (College Coaches - Game Camp) was incredible!  My daughter was with the high academic coaches.  She had so many reps in front of the coaches and got amazing feedback AND had a blast!" 
"Just wanted to reach out and say what a great job you and your staff did this past weekend. And also a great job getting the fields ready for Sunday as well.  Also a fantastic turn out for college coaches as we had over 20 colleges at our games."
"First and foremost I would like to say that y’all run a very nice tournament. The work y’all put on to keep the fields ready and on schedule was amazing. Today y’all did a great job of keeping them playable in the morning. The amount of coaches watching the games was awesome!"
"As usual you run a first class tournament. It's obviously a consensus with the participation of the amount of  teams and college coaches attracted to the tournament. We appreciate all the work you and your team do to create an avenue for us as coaches and for the players to showcase their abilities. My deepest Gratitude!"
"The umpires at both complexes we played at were the best I have seen at a tournament!" 
"Hi Rachel, I hope you're able to breathe a little now that the weekend is over!  I just wanted to reach out and let you know how incredible I thought your camp and showcase were!  I know you give lots of credit to your crew too, amaznng job by all!
It was an awesome way to kick off the recruiting season!  I cannot wait to return to more of your events.  It was also so nice to get to know you a little bit too!  Your passion and your drive is inspiring, we are lucky to have you in our softball community!!!"
"I would just like to say thank you to Rachel Coleman and the rest of the East Coast Tournament staff.  Not only was this one of the most well organized and facilitated tournaments, the staff was extremely attentive, hard-working and hospitable."
"I tried to send an email not sure if it went through but I wanted to reach out and tell you your staff here, Rhonda and I can’t remember his name, but what wonderful people from any questions we had to throwing the ball with my son to giving him a wiffle ball and a bat to play with. They are great people. I just wanted to let you know we have had a great experience for our first showcase and hope to come back next year thank you so much for having us and will send u a group pic. Thanks again!" 
"Hey Rachel, I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for how you handled the cancellation due to Covid-19.  Over the past few weeks I have been dealing with all the issues we are experiencing due to this Covid 19 stuff and I wanted to tell you that you really handled it very professionally and did not attempt or even make it seem like you were doing this for any money.  You offered a full refund which I could have easily put towards your Fall tournament but you did not attempt to hold or persuade anyone into that situation.  Each season is a new season for my org/team and to not have to make a decision now about what we are doing in the fall makes everything a lot easier for me as a coach.  I have and always will be true to the people that are true to me so once I confirm everything is a go for me and my team, you can bet I will be putting our team into your Fall tournament.  I just thought you should know it goes a long way being a good person when it comes to all this."
"Thank you to all the coaches for coming out and taking an interest in our players today.  We continue to attend Rachel Coleman's events because of the success we have had with college coaches and the amazing job the staff does."
"Thank you for running such an informative camp today.  It was done so professionally and my daughter really enjoyed it.  It was definitely one of the best I have taken her to."
"Everything went well per usual.  The printed information, food, field care, communication, etc all were great!"
"The help at all fields was extremely helpful and everyone was so nice.  Look forward to September."
"Thanks for doing everything humanly possible to get the girls on the fields. It was Awesome to see the Coaches there as well." 
"Kudos to you and your crews. We know what it's like to battle the weather and still try to maintain quality field conditions. Also, your Texas umpires were awesome!! Added a different element for me. Was able to spend time with them and learn some things about softball I didn't know."
"We really enjoyed the weekend. Your seminar was very  informative, softball was very competitive and the field crews were awesome. All around great event."
"I truly appreciate the changes you are making in the showcase world.  They are NEEDED and NECESSARY.  We support you and will spread the word far and wide.  See you this weekend!"
"Thank you for a great tournament!"